(text and translation from Aunty Corina Norman)

Welcome in Dharug language

  1. Bayawu budyari Dharug Yurayin,
  2. Ngaya yurabirang diyi Dharug, Wallumattagal, Ngurrayin.
  3. Bayawu gulbanga ganunigang yura gurugal yagu barrabugu Dharug yura
  4. Bayawu ngiyini yanama budyari gumadagu Dharug ngurrawa ngubadygu
  5. Didyarigura


  1. I speak well of the Dharug, Wallumattagal, people.
  2. The people who I belong to, from Dharug Country
  3. I pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging of the Dharug people.
  4. I ask that you walk with good spirit on Dharug Country and towards lateral love
  5. Thank you


Welcome into this digital production, Dharug Country across the City that comes from Wallumatta, Dharug Ngurra/Country, my place of connection, caring and belonging.

I pay my respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging and remember they always have been and always will be caring for Country. I also pay my respects to those whose Elders who come from other Indigenous communities and countries, who may be viewing this site. May their wisdom assist in informing your relationship and caring for and with Dharug Ngurra.

This website is a result of many people’s efforts. The knowledges held within this website come from Dharug Ngurra, through Dharug community, Her presences (physical and metaphysical), places and people. The site, including its knowledges expressed in different forms (words, sound, visual, artistic) has also arrived because of the efforts of many Dharug allies. Together we co-become as Ngurra Dreaming today.

Yanamawa budyari gumada,

Walking with good spirit.

Jo Rey.

© Jo Rey 2022

We always pay our respect to the Elders past present and our future elders within our community, our elders have smoothed the path for many of our people and we should always remember and respect what they have lived through and shared with us.