The post-doctoral work follows from Jo’s doctoral thesis, (Rey, J. (2019) Country Tracking Voices: Dharug women’s perspectives on presences, places, and practices. The thesis led to the development and delivery by Macquarie University of the first undergraduate unit to be developed by a traditional custodian focused on teaching and learning through Country, not simply about Country. The unit, ‘Dharug Country: Presences, Places and People’ has grown from an initial intake of 20 students, to more than 130 students 3 years later. The website contains some of the Dharug knowledges received from the learning journey covering the Doctoral project, the undergraduate Indigenous Studies unit development and the post-doctoral work.

The project involves collecting and sharing Dharug knowledges through a variety of methods. These include yarning sessions, and active, experiential learning and sharing-times-tellings through Dharug Ngurra/Country initially across three activated Dharug sites, though these may expand in the future.  They include:

  • Shaw’s Creek Aboriginal Place, located at the foot of the Blue Mountains in far western Sydney
  • Blacktown Native Institution site, located at Oakhurst, in central western Sydney
  • Brown’s Waterhole, Lane Cove National Park, northern Sydney

More details about each of these sites is available within their specifically linked portals.

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We always pay our respect to the Elders past present and our future elders within our community, our elders have smoothed the path for many of our people and we should always remember and respect what they have lived through and shared with us.