Firstly, this website is a result of many people’s efforts. The knowledges held within this website come from Dharug Ngurra, through Dharug community, Her presences (physical and metaphysical), places and people. The site, including its knowledges expressed in different forms (words, sound, visual, artistic), has also arrived because of the efforts of many Dharug allies. Together we co-become as Ngurra Dreaming today.

Yanamawa budyari gumada, Walking with good spirit.

Jo Rey.

I particularly acknowledge and thank:

  • Wallumattagal Ngurrayin and Dharug Ngurra (Country) for all assistance in creating this work.
  • Dharug Mudjin (Community) for their ongoing support.
  • Dharug Strategic Management Group (DSMG) – Trustees for the Blacktown Native Institution site, Oakhurst for permission to film at the BNI site.

Other Appreciated Support from:

  • Macquarie University
    • 2020 Fellowship for Indigenous Research – provided funding for the research.
    • Centre for Global Indigenous Futures (CGIF) and Department of Indigenous Studies, Faculty of Arts: Prof. Bronwyn Carlson and team – ongoing support.
    • Learning Design and Production Team, Faculty of Arts: Michael Rampe, James Tracy, Marcus Arruzza, Andrew McNeill and Andrew Bigg.
    • 2021 and 2022 Early Career Research Grants.
    • 2022 Centre for Cultural Heritage and Environment (CACHE) Indigenous Australian Research Fellowship and assistance: Drs. Emilie Ens, Chris Jolly and Alex Carthey.
    • Department of Geography and Planning: Assoc. Prof. Sandie Suchet-Pearson (Research Sponsor).
  • NSW Government National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) for permissions to film at Shaw’s Creek Aboriginal Site, Yallomundee National Park and Brown’s Waterhole, Lane Cove National Park.
  • Parryville Media and Learning Design: Mark Parry.

© Jo Rey 2022

We always pay our respect to the Elders past present and our future elders within our community, our elders have smoothed the path for many of our people and we should always remember and respect what they have lived through and shared with us.